In this article, we will be explaining how to build a deck and what are some cards that are recommended for your first deck. The deck will be a general deck that can get you far. As you progress through the game, you will get better and get stronger cards which you can then include in your deck later on in the game.

Duel Links in a Nutshell:

Duel Links is not your standard Yu-Gi-Oh! game. It has been simplified for everyone to use. First of all, there are only three monster zones, three spell/trap zones, a graveyard, an Extra Deck zone (only 5 monsters can be added), a field spell zone, and your deck. Cards can be removed from play. There is no “2nd Stand By Phase”, so you have to set your spell and trap cards. Once you are finished with your “Battle Phase”, you can then end your turn.You only have 4000 life points.

Accessing Your Deck:

You can edit and build your deck by going to the “Deck Editor” screen. You can get there by going to the “Card Studio” or by tapping on your character icon on the bottom right and tapping on the deck box icon on the top. The minimum cards that can be in the deck is 20 cards (not 40) and the maximum number of cards in your extra deck can be 5 fusion or ritual monster cards.

Editing Your Deck:

You edit your deck by tapping on the “Deck Edit” tab then tapping on the card in your deck or in your collection that you want to edit. You can add or remove cards by tapping on the “Add” or “Remove” arrow icon. You can have a maximum of 3 of the same card in your deck. By tapping on the “Sort/Filter” triangle icon on the bottom tab, you can search your card collection and build your own unique deck. To simplify the search, you can filter the cards shown by category or even by attack, power, etc.

How to Obtain New Cards:

You can get new cards in many ways.You can obtain new cards by dueling NPCs and Legendary Duelists. You can also buy cards from the “Card Trader”. You can also use your gems and try your luck at pulling cards from card packs in the “Card Shop”. You can obtain gems by dueling, completing missions, leveling up, and from daily login bonuses.

Take Into Mind When Building Your Deck:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is taking you back to the beginning of dueling, so there are almost no cards from the second generation and beyond. You won’t be seeing any super meta cards like Syncros or XYZs. The key to victory is just to power-up your cards and don’t let your opponent play for higher attack monsters. Cards like “Reinforcements” that increase your attack and equip spell cards are very good to have, especially when battling AI opponents. When battling online opponents, you might want to add spell cards like “Twister” and “De-Spell” that destroys traps and spell cards. AI opponents are very easy in the beginning because they usually just summon weak normal monsters in attack mode. Just click the Auto-Duel option and make a sandwich.

Get Those Gems:

The best way to build a deck is just to use those Super Rare (SR) and Ultra Rare (UR). The way to get those cards is to get Gems and buy booster packs from the card shop. Gems are very important so you will want to try to do as much missions as possible to collect Gems and pull those SR and UR cards from the card shop.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links takes you back to the past, before all these Syncro and XYZs cards even existed. It is very fun and interesting to see combos with cards that nobody plays now. You are forced to think outside the box with the limited non-meta cards that you have. If you miss the good ol’ days of Yu-Gi-Oh! this game is definitely for you.

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